The best of the land

Everything's on hand for a 100% Breton meal!

The must-tastes here are the crepes and the galettes! The difference is in the flour used: crepes are made with wheat, and galettes are made with buckwheat. The garnish or filling also differs often too: sweet for the first and savoury for the second. 

To accompany them, try some traditional Breton cider made by our local producers. Local cheeses and homemade Breton pops will end your meal in style!


Crepes can be enjoyed at any time, for breakfast, for dessert, for a snack or simply when you're feeling peckish. It's up to you to find the filling of your choice, plain, with sugar, with salted butter, caramel... Whatever you choose, it's sure to enhance the flavour of your crepe!


The galettes, topped with seafood or vegetables, will delight your taste buds. They are generally made from buckwheat flour. Our tradition is to eat a galette saucisse at the market!

Breton cider

Apples have been an undeniable part of Brittany's heritage for centuries and producing cider has been an ancestral know-how often handed down from generation to generation. Our local producers are renowned for the quality of their cider, most of which is organic and awarded several times. There's nothing better to accompany your crepes and galettes! Let our producers tempt you.


Just like cider, beer is also an integral part of Breton heritage. Our brewers are well renowned and awarded for their taste and quality ingredients.
Take a visit in one of our breweries, and why not making your own craft beer during a workshop?

Local produce

Discover the variety of local produce from our producers: crepes, galettes, ciders, beers, whatever you're looking for!