Meeting the seabirds at the Cap d'Erquy

I boarded "L'oiseau du Cap" in Erquy's harbour and went off the coast with Armor Navigation

A life-size show!

Along the coast and at the foot of 70 meters pink sandstone cliffs between Cap d'Erquy and Cap Fréhel is a unique viewpoint.

The headlands are a bird sanctuary, extraordinary in its diversity.

It's time to go to Erquy! Near the fishing port, "L'oiseau du Cap" is waiting for us. I sit on the deck, breathe deeply and believe for a moment that I'm going to go on an adventure. Already, the maneuver in the harbour gives me a different vision of the landscape, we weave among the fishing boats, and move away from the pier. Bye-bye to the white and red lighthouse of Erquy, and off we go for the next 2 hours and a half!  

The landscapes seen from the sea are spectacular in Brittany. Past the Cap d'Erquy, we've got a breathtaking view of the wild beaches and the pink sandstone cliffs as we approach the islet Saint-Michel. We could be tempted to disembark, but already we see the Cap Frehel... and the promise of other discoveries.

The boat stops for a little while there, next to the ornithological reserve: there are even penguins here! Fortunately, the sailor-guide helps us to locate them on this "wall" of stone where they laid their nests. The crew describes and comments live what unfolds before our eyes: the discovery sea side is also rich in information about the history between the seaside resorts, the local economic activities, the geology ... it is more than a simple sea trip!

Under the Fort-La-Latte, we take our time to take a picture of this incredible stone fortress overlooking the sea.

Then, the speed, the air whipping my face, I breathe deeply, looking towards the horizon, what a pleasure! And in a second we are back to Erquy Bay. Sometimes we even meet dolphins here!


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