Shellfish and crustaceans

Our tables are filled with a real parade of gastronomic stars: king scallops, crabs, spider crabs, Breton blue lobsters, oysters, mussels, whelks, periwinkles, clams and prawns.

Whether in front of a platter in one of our many restaurants, or at home, seafood will delight you all year round!

Oysters from the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

Oysters and mussels

In the nutrient-rich of our waters, oysters thrive and have earned our local producers several gold medals in the Concours Général Agricole.

These oysters will appeal to both connoisseurs and those who want to discover the iodised flavour of this 100% local shellfish.

You can find our coastal oysters at markets, direct from the producer or fishmongers.

Bouchot mussels arrived in the Bay of Saint Brieuc in the 1960s, bringing life to the landscape on the Jospinet beach in Planguenoual. Available at markets or from producers, these fleshy mussels from the Bay of Saint Brieuc are enjoyed in marinière.

Crustaceans Plurien

Breton lobsters and spider crabs

Ranked 2nd nationally in terms of value and in terms of tonnage, the Erquy's port is home to many species of shellfish. Spider crabs, fished from autumn to spring, are impressive for their size and their fine tasty flesh. They are easy to prepare: poached in a broth with thyme, bay leaves and a few spices and served with mayonnaise, absolutely delicious!

Another star of Erquy is the Breton lobster. It can be enjoyed in court-bouillon but also baked with a simple parsley cream. A Breton and iodized dish which will delight the whole family with its finesse.

Where can you find
all this precious seafood?

Fish sales at the Erquy's fish market auction are essentially reserved for professionals.
However, you can find fishermen who sell their catch direct! You will also find these seafood in fishmongers and restaurants.