What kind of fish would you eat today?

From the Erquy fish market to your plate, fish can be found in every shape: raw, filleted, in seafood sauerkraut, brandade or papillote.



It all starts
with fishing

From the Erquy's port, the boats head out to sea for several hours along the coast of Brittany. However, fishing time is regulated according to species. There are several fishing methods, including set nets, trawling and line fishing. Côtes d'Armor fishermen are committed to sustainable fishing.


What is fished
in Erquy

Erquy being a shellfish port, what mainly comes to mind is king scallop... but it is not the only one fished! Spider crabs, cuttlefish, prawns, sea bass, sole, turbot, brill, John Dory, lobsters... more than 60 species are fished and sold to professionals at the fish market auction.


Erquy's fish market auction ©Estelle Aubert

The fish market auction,
where everything is decided

Once back at the port, the fishermen unload their precious catch and entrust it to the Erquy's fish market auction, where the fish continues its journey to your plate! Sorted, weighed and labelled, everything is done in a very precise order before it goes on sale.


Professionals are the only ones who can benefit from the fish market auction. Don't worry, all this beautiful fish can be found on the shelves of the surrounding fishmongers and restaurants.

You can also take part in guided tours of the fish market auction organised by the Grand Site during school holidays and summer. Have a look at our calendar during your stay.

What you might find
on your plate



A fishing desire?